Company History

Westside Waste Management Co., Inc.’s company history began when it was purchased by Bob J. Hampton from Bud and Eileen Wilson on May 1, 1983.  Bob had previously been in the garbage and portable restroom business in the Coalinga area, and was excited to be back in business in his home town.  Westside Waste is the Kern County Franchised hauler for the westside of Kern County.


On Septemer 30, 1996, Westside Waste purchased the Buttonwillow area franchise from Jerry Buerkle, and expanded the areas that they service.


In July of 1999, Westside Waste started universal service in the South Taft area of un-incorporated Taft, then added Ford City and Taft Heights in July of 2001.


In 2013, Westside Waste has expanded it’s services to include co-mingled recycling containers for residential and commercial customers.


Westside Waste Management Co., Inc. is committed to providing quality garbage pick-up and recycling services to all the area and customers it serves.

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